#57 – Love & Other Disasters by Anita Kelly (with Bruce and Renee of The Novel Queers)

Tune in as Bruce and Renee (The Novel Queers) join 2CC for Pride Month 2022, during which queer content will be featured throughout the June. For the first episode, the hosts kick things off by breaking down Love & Other Disasters by Anita Kelly. Having been published just back in January, this contemporary romance revolves around a cooking competition on reality TV, where sparks fly between London Parker, who has come out as the show’s first openly nonbinary contestant, and Dahlia Woodson, a klutzy and quirky divorcee with huge hair. Aside from diving into the book itself, this particularly lengthy episode diverges onto some tangents, such as the giant size and weird flatness of halibut, The Lake House being a comfort watch despise its blatant plot holes, and Bruce quoting The Magnus Archives’s Alexander J. Newall.


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