Off the Cuff #2 | A Colleen Hoover Discussion (with Saba/@saidsabaaa)

Finally, 2CC is back from its unplanned hiatus! The situation looked rocky for a while, what with the dead computer and the initially malfunctioning replacement computer (I blame the Mercury Retrograde), but everything is in working order now. Here’s a new episode in the bonus 2CC series Off the Cuff, which Arthur recorded two weeks ago with his Discord book-club mate Saba. The two of them discuss the work of author Colleen Hoover, who typically writes contemporary romances but also pens thrillers every now and then. Two of her books, It Ends with Us and Verity, have already been covered on the podcast, and now you’ll get to hear the hosts give their opinions on even more of them. They also dive into topics like the cultural impact of Fifty Shades of Grey, the pressure that the Perfect Mother stereotype puts on moms, and step-sibling incest.–A-Colleen-Hoover-Discussion-with-Sabasaidsabaaa-e1jgnjh

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