#52 – Happy 1st Podiversary!!!

Tune in as Arthur celebrates the 1st podiversary of 2 Cents Critic. Yep, it’s one year old! Over this period, many lessons were learned, varied content was consumed, and discussions and banter were shared with guests. All of this amounted to the total of fifty-seven episodes that have been uploaded to the podsphere. Thank you to all the listeners who discovered this show. Thank you to all the listeners who put the episodes on while they’re cleaning the house, going out for long drives, taking walks, etc. Thank you to all the listeners who promote 2CC through word-of-mouth. It’s been such an enjoyable and educational journey, and there’s only more to come.

Here’s an additional huge thank-you to all the special guests who were generous enough to join 2CC over the past year: Ryan LaPlante, Tyler Hewitt, Beth, Maddie, Judith Bracamontes, Roxana Robledo, Liam Gareau, Mom, Manda Collins, Guy Bradford, J.W. Friedman, Chris Collision, Lacie Waldon, Desirée Calderón de Fawaz, Jody Feldman, Raye, Johnna Scrabis, Sabrina B. Jordan, Sam Frontera, Shelby Schwieterman, Sam Dixon, Sammi Skorstad, Torry, Alysha, and Jackson Leight.


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