#51 – Rooster Teeth’s RWBY Volume 1 | Created by Monty Oum (with Jackson Leight)

Tune in as Jackson Leight (creator of the satirical RWBY news website https://bumbleby.com) teams up with Arthur to dissect Volume 1 of RWBY, the American anime web series that online entertainment company Rooster Teeth premiered in 2013. RWBY has been lasting for eight seasons so far, and now 2CC (which already dropped a brief episode on Volume 8 back during the podcast’s text-to-voice days) is returning to where it all started in the world of Remnant when teenage Huntresses-in-training Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long started their combat schooling at Beacon Academy to learn how to fight the Creatures of Grimm. The anime physics, the many weapons that can transform into guns, the superficial racism allegory, and the time that Arthur spends obsessing over the proper term for a chess piece’s color are just a few of the topics addressed by this episode.


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