#85 – While You Were Sleeping | Directed by Jon Turteltaub (with Ryan Conner of Millennial Coffee Break)

Tune in as Ryan Conner (Millennial Coffee Break) comes back to 2CC for the third episode of Christmas Month 2022, where we’re sharing our thoughts and feelings on While You Were Sleeping, the 1995 Christmas-y rom-com starring Sandra Bullock as a lonely train station tollbooth worker who falls for a man, then falls for his family—but only after she saves him from getting run over by a train, then gets herself tangled up in a huge lie about her being his fiancée. A few of the topics that Arthur and Ryan comment on are characters breaking numerous moral and ethical boundaries in WYWS, the theoretical importance of leaning, farcical comedy’s love of the miscommunication trope, and movie titles getting dropped with varying levels of clumsiness somewhere into the dialogue.


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