#81 – You by Caroline Kepnes (with Laura Petro and Meggie Gates of YA, We Read It!)

Tune in as Laura Petro and Meggie Gates (YA, We Read It!) hang out with Arthur for a review and recap of You, the 2014 debut novel by Caroline Kepnes. This psychological thriller is quite the wild ride, following bookstore clerk Joe Goldberg as he endeavors to show aspiring writer Guinevere Beck just how much he loves her and wants to take care of her—so much so that he’s willing to stalk, kidnap, and murder his way into her heart. The chillingly fleshed-out layers that Kepnes has written for the monstrous Joe, the many literary and film references, reimagining Werner Herzog as a food critic, and the parts of the story that play out like a rom-com are just a few of the topics that the hosts cover.


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