#53 – Marvel’s Runaways | Created by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage (with Matt Cole of Debate This!)

Tune in as Matt Cole (Debate This!, Avenge This!) takes a seat at the table to chat about Marvel’s Runaways, the MCU-adjacent three-season TV show that follows a group of six high schoolers as they learn about a murderous scheme that their seemingly upstanding parents have been committing together for years and proceed to do all they can to thwart it. Having premiered in 2017 on Hulu before ending in 2019, it was promoted as a Marvel Studios property despite never giving nods to Iron Man, Hulk, Infinity Stones, or anything of the sort once (though the Darkhold, which you may recall from WandaVision, does pop up). On top of breaking down this under-the-radar series, the hosts arch their eyebrows at the questionable category of comedy that punches down on activism, comment on the upcoming animated series Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, and repeatedly lament how much the show should have lasted one or more seasons.


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