2 Cents Critic Podcast – The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas (with Torry of Ready to Be Petty)

Tune in as Torry (Ready to Be Petty) visits the show to cover The Spanish Love Deception, the 2021 contemporary romance by debut author Elena Armas. Having originally been self-published by Armas and won the Goodsreads Choice Award for Best Debut Novel of 2021, TSLD’s enemies-to-lovers/grumpy x sunshine/fake dating/slow burn love story between engineering coworkers Catalina Martín and Aaron Blackford has enjoyed plenty of BookTok fame over the past year. Does it hold up for Arthur and Torry? In addition, they climb up on their soapboxes for issues like sexism and fatphobia, question the necessity of bachelor auctions, and reopen the previous episode’s chat about Twilight’s Cultural Touchstone status before segueing into the infamy of Game of Thrones.


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