2 Cents Critic Podcast – Top Ten Trail: 2021 Edition

Tune in for Top Ten Trail: 2021 Edition, the first retrospective event of its kind on 2CC in which Arthur ranks his top ten books, movies, and TV shows of the year. What polarizing Goodreads Choice Award winner turned into a Top Ten Book? How did a certain sci-fi neo-noir flick become a Top Ten Movie in spite of the disrepute it carries as a critical and financial turkey? Which Disney+ MCU series landed in the #1 spot on the Top Ten TV Shows list? The answers to those questions and more can all be found in the final episode of 2021.

🥳🎉🥳Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, everybody, and see you in 2022 (a year that I desperately want to be an improvement on the limbo swamp of 2021)!🥳🎉🥳


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